Our Windsurf Rental Prices

1 hour25
1/2 day45
1 day60

Days in a row
3 days130
5 days140
6 days200
7 days210
8 days230
9 days245
10 days255
11 days270
21 days400

Days at random
7 days400
10 days500
14 days600

(Not valid in shorebreak and reef)10
Per hour/ day50
7 days90
14 days110
21 days150

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m wondering about doing some windsurfing at your centre.

    I wanted to enquire what the wind is like at this time of year

    I am a relatively experienced windsurfing looking to plane in footstraps with harness etc.

    Thinking of maybe coming next week

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