Guest in Cabarete WINDSPORTSCLUB can be assured that they will not have restrictions on the equipment used. The best windsurfing and kitesurfing is offered at this beachside club, with a friendly atmosphere to match!

Alexis, the Manager at Cabarete WINDSPORTSCLUB Station has selected some new equipment for this year’s windsurfing conditions. A special thanks goes to Jason Clends and his team who make it possible that we can enjoy these great boards in our town! The best part? You’ll be able try them out before you buy – just stop by any time between now and January 2008 when all of our latest models willlbe available with 100% Carbon skinnimasts on hand-made sails from Ezzy Sailing Company LLC .

With Cabarete WINDSPORTSCLUB as your guest, you are given complete flexibility. You can try out different boards and equipment without being committed to just one board or sail with all the added benefits that come along for free! Alongside each set of sails is an extra mastfoot protector (in case yours gets lost), boom protectors(to keep it safe) plus harness lines at whatever length needed so there’s no need spending money on extras.

Your safety is our top priority. We’ll brief you on the local conditions and any applicable risks before your adventure begins, but if something does go wrong at sea – don’t worry!Our team will be there to help rescue guests as soon as possible with qualified assistance within 30 minutes of request time or sooner depending upon weather conditions (which can make this process longer).

In addition, Cabarete WINDSPORTSCLUB offers free windsurfing clinics every day and an insurance program for damaged or lost equipment.

As a Cabarete WINDSPORTSCLUB windsurfing rental guest, you’ll receive:
Excellent equipment choices that include JP(Jason Polakow) and F2 boards & North sails. From January 2008 there will be latest JasonPolakothletech available at our rentals! 100% Carbon skinnimasts are now offered as well with Hawaiian Proline booms in all sail–that’s right -Harley suspension won’t have any trouble.

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