Cabarete Windsports Club

Cabarete Windsports Club is the perfect location for any windsurfer looking to get started in these sports. The wide beach and calm water make it easy enough that even beginners can enjoy themselves, while still providing some exciting competition with Kitesurfingers who come here from all over because of its incredible reputation as one place where you’ll always find good winds!
A side shore breeze comes up constantly off-shore which provides plenty opportunity if your trying soap (kite) ride or learn how To standup paddleboard nears shoreline–and there’re no other places closeby.


Ezzy Sails from 4 to 7,5 m2 offer the perfect gear for your level with our Watersport Center. We teach in English, German and Spanish languages! Our Instructors are happy get you started on board or improve skills too- they know how important it is that every boat has someone who knows what he/she doing at all times (even if his name isn’t Captain Playstation). As well as storing windsurfers’ equipment comfortably while out catching some waves; we provide secure storage options like trailers available right here near store opening hours so customers don’t need worry.



If you want to work with us, we offer a variety of packages. You can choose from 30 US$ per hour and daily or weekly payments depending on your needs!


The best way to learn is by doing, so don’t just watch it happen in front of you. You can book a lesson for only 60 dollars!


John Linds
    John Weller

    We’ve come here for many years and are always happy to see the same guys again. My kids love taking windsurfing lessons with Franzi, I started kitesurfing two years ago from Delson’s courses – he is an excellent teacher! And my husband can go long periods of time without getting bored while out on his board in this beautiful location right by water where everyone has so much fun together no matter what they’re doing or who you might meet along your journey.

    Jeniffer Smith
      Jeniffer Macklane

      This place is great! I had so much fun with my kite here and their staff were very friendly. The food was delicious, the drinks weren’t too strong for me which makes a huge difference in St Maarten compared to other places ive been before – definitely would recommend it if you’re looking for something calm but still exciting when your on vacation

      Claudia Lansel
        Claudia Wild

        I have to agree with my wife. We tried learning kite surfing at many different destinations, but this was the best one! The instructors here teach with such passion and it shows in their work – they are excellent growers of new talent too; many thanks go out them for helping us get started on our adventure today A huge shout-out goes towards these great guys who gave us.