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The German Telemedia Act (TMG) provides some interesting legal obligations for service providers. However, it also leaves room to argue against these provisions in certain cases where evidence suggests illegal activity has occurred on our website or networked computer systems – this would be while they are still under surveillance by law enforcement officials who can then pursue civil penalties against us instead!


To ensure a safe and secure browsing experience for our users, we have strict policies in place that prohibited any illegal or Adult-oriented contents from being displayed on the linked websites. As such reports ofsuch wrongdoings will be immediately investigated by us where appropriate action can taken against those found guilty without delay according to legal requirements.


Here at Privonder Company we value your privacy and want to provide you with the most enjoyable experience possible. That’s why our site is structured so that each user has access only to their own personal space, which means they can share content without worry about others reading it or taking anything away from them personally-it’s all just for fun! If there are any violations of third party copyrights on this website please let us know immediately because those who break laws have no place here.

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